Clinton Street Historic District

Philadelphia City, Philadelphia County, PA

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All of the houses on this two block long street were erected from 1835-1850. In general, they are 3-1/2 or 4 stories, built of pressed brick with marble or stone sills, doorways, water tables and steps. Many of the dwellings had shutters, with the usual pattern of panels on the first story, louvers above. Several houses share the lintel of the doorway with the adjoining-houses. The general ground plan is typical of the period and area, with the main building, curved stairway and back building.


Clinton Street was the fashionable address of its day and had listed among its residents such prominent Philadelphians as: Henry Bird, Charles Biddle, Walter Lippincott, Mrs. Philip Leidy, Henry Potts, H. W. Wilson (President of Pennsylvania Railroad), Edward Wetherill, Henry J. Morris, Rt. Rev. William Bacon Stevens, the Hallowell brothers, Miss Agnes Repplier, Charles W. Bailey, Daniel M. Lammot and Lynwood Garrison.

Mrs. J. Peter Lesley, the original "Lady from Philadelphia" of the Peterkin Papers, lived at 1008 during the 1880's. The noted Philadelphia architect, Addison Hutton, made his home at 916 in the 1870's. The houses have largely been converted for multi-family usage, but are very well-maintained. Clinton Street retains its quiet 19th Century character and is an oasis of tranquility in the downtown area of Philadelphia.

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