Dodgeville City

Iowa County, Wisconsin

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Dodgeville City Hall is located at 100 East Fountain Street, Dodgeville, IA 53533.
Phone: 608‑574‑0010.


Dodgeville as described in 1941 [1]

In 1859, after boundary changes had made Dodgeville more centrally situated in Iowa County, the county seat was established here. The election was hotly contested, and Mineral Pointers delayed the official transfer by litigation. Feelings ran so high that after one temporary victory the Pointers sent to Warren, IL, for a cannon, a 12-pounder, the only thing in the region loud enough to express their jubilation. All day long they derisively bombarded Dodgeville with noise. However, in 1860 the courts decided in favor of Dodgeville for the seat of government.

Today the city is a retail and shipping center for one of the best dairy and corn-hog districts in the State and a fine pea-growing region. The courthouse, erected in 1859 in anticipation of the court decision, is the oldest in Wisconsin. A building of bluff and limestone, with a wooden cupola like those on New England churches, and a facade of fluted white pillars in the style of the South; it is a curious mingling of local materials and imported tastes.

  1. Workers of the Writers' Program of the Works Progress Administration, Wisconsin: A Guide to the Badger State, American Guide Series, Wisconsin Library Association, 1941.

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