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Moorefield Town

Hardy County, West Virginia

Moorefield Town Hall is located at 206 Winchester Avenue, Moorefield, WV 26836.
Phone: 304‑530‑6142.


Beginnings [1]

Moorefield was founded by Conrad Moore, upon whose property it was laid out. When Hardy County was formed in 1785, Moorefield became the county seat. Therefore, it is historically linked with the formation and continuing conduct of the county government. Most of the 54 lots in the original town were sold between 1780 and 1800 and presumably were occupied shortly thereafter. Moorfield's architectural significance derives from its collection of outstanding examples of regional type from 3 time periods: the late 18th century, the mid 19th century and the late 19th to early 20th centuries.

When Moorefield was incorporated in 1777, its population was less than 100 people. In 1835 the population was 350.

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