Copy Walter E. Ware, Architect [1861-1951]

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Walter E Ware

Walter E. Ware, Architect [1861-1951]

Architect Walter E. Ware [†] was born in Needham, Massachusetts, August 26, 1861, the son of Elijah Ware whose 1865 invention of a steam engine carriage was a forerunner of the automobile. W. E. Ware came to Utah in 1889 after spending four years in Denver, Colorado as an architect. He soon became one of Salt Lake City's leading architects, designing such locally prominent buildings as the First Presbyterian Church, Aviation Club, University Club, Masonic Temple, First Church of Christ Scientist, St. Mark's Hospital, and numerous commercial and residential structures. In 1901 Ware entered a partnership with Alberto O. Treganza and until the dissolution of the firm in 1926, Ware and Treganza had a regionally significant impact. Ware died in 1951 after having actively practiced architecture for sixty years. Ware's Henderson Block is one of his best preserved early works, and considered in the context of other period warehouses, represents a high achievement in warehouse architecture.

† Allen D. Roberts, Architectural Historian, Historic Utah, Inc., Henderson Block, Salt Lake City, UT, nomination document, 1977, National Park Service, National Register of Historic Places, Washington, D.C.