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Clover Town

York County, South Carolina

Clover Town Hall is located at 114 Bethel Street, Clover SC 29710.
Phone: 803‑222‑9495.


Beginnings [1]

The Town of Clover began as a station on the rail line extension north from York to North Carolina. The tracks reached the site of Colver by 1874, and a water tank was constructed at the site to provide water for the steam engines for the train. The location of the water tank, approximately half way between York and Gastonia, became the site of Clover. The origin of the name of Clover is uncertain. Tradition has it that when the water tank overflowed, a patch of clover grew in the wet ground, and the railroad workers would eagerly await their stop at the "clover patch."

In 1876 W. B. Allison surveyed 20 lots on the site of Clover for landowners W. B. Smith, I. T. Faires, and James Jackson. Main Street was laid out in a north-south orientation along the railroad tracks. From the earliest time, the cross road formed by the intersection of Kings Mountain Street/Bethel Street with Main Street has been the center point of Clover. Within a year houses and stores were being constructed, along with a railroad depot. By 1877 the community boasted 100 residents, several stores, a blacksmith shop, and some shanty cars housing railroad workers. Early family names in the community included Adams, Sifford, Neill, Ford, Barron, Quinn, Beamguard, Stroup, Laurens, Fewell, Floyd, Harvey, Bell, Davis, Bates, Drennon, Glass, Smith, McCall, Knox, and Faires. It is evident from the family names that most of the settlers of Clover reflected the heavily Scotch-Irish character of the settlers of western York County from which most of the early residents of Clover came.