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Moundsville City

Marshall County, West Virginia

Moundsville City Hall is located at 114 Cypress Avenue, Moundsville, WV 26003.
Phone: 305‑845‑7544.

Elizabethtown and Moundsville merged in 1866 to become Moundsville. Robert McConnel served as first mayor of the new municipality. Moundsville was a significant element in the development of Marshall County. It served as headquarters for commerce and government for outlying communities across the county. Marshall was primarily an agrarian county in the early stages of its development. Moundsville was a source for goods and a market for county residents. A road was created from Wheeling to Moundsville as early as 1800. Moundsville provided river access, railroad access and a link to the National Road. The Ohio River provided all of the transportation needs of the town up to about 1850. The Wheeling, Parkersburg and Charleston Railroad came to Moundsville in 1853. [1]

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