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Clintonville’s [†] urban form is typical of the “streetcar suburb” development pattern, with a relatively dense residential pattern in its southern portions and more suburban densities to the north. Almost all of Clintonville’s neighborhoods include a traditional street grid pattern, with alleys serving many areas, particularly in the southern part of the area. The street grid pattern is broken by each of the planning area’s ravines, which forced the development of a road network to mirror the land contours.

As indicated, commercial uses exist in a traditional pattern, primarily along High Street and Indianola Avenue. The housing pattern for Clintonville largely consists of single family residential units. Apartment buildings are generally located adjacent to High Street. The greatest concentration of multifamily uses is located just south of the Worthington City limits on the west side of High Street and on the west side of High Street at Kelso Road in the south portion of the planning area. Doubles and smaller four-unit apartment buildings are located throughout the portions of the planning area south of North Broadway Street. Figure 5 illustrates the range of residential densities in the planning area.

Clintonville is host to examples of almost all the major American housing styles. The area has a particularly large concentration of American Four Squares, Colonial Revivals, Cape Cods, and bungalows. In addition, the area includes ranches, Georgian, Victorian, modern, French Eclectic, and many other housing types. The diversity of housing lends Clintonville a unique, eclectic neighborhood feel.

The primary road corridors include North High Street, Indianola Avenue, North Broadway Street, Cooke Road, Henderson Road, Weber Road, and Morse Road. The Olentangy River creates a scenic and recreation corridor for Clintonville on its western edge. Overall notable community gateway demarcation is lacking in Clintonville, including at all neighborhood boundaries, at areas near the Olentangy River, and at the railroad passes. Clintonville includes both road corridors and a major river corridor.

Clintonville Neighborhood Plan, 2009,, accessed September, 2021.

Street Names
Acton Road • Adena Brook Lane • Aldrich Road • Amazon Place • Arbor Village Drive • Arden Road • Beaumont Road East • Beaumont Road West • Beech Hill Avenue • Beechwood Boulevard East • Beechwood Boulevard West • Benford Street • Brevoort Road • Brighton Road • Broad Meadows Boulevard • Broadway Place • Bywood Lane • Calument Street • Canyon Drive North • Cemetery Drive • Center Woods Drive • Ceramic Drive • Charleston Avenue • Chase Road • Chatham Road • Clinton Heights Avenue • Colerain Avenue • Como Avenue West • Cooke Road East • Cooke Road West • Cooke Way • Crestview Road • Croswell Road • Deland Avenue • Delhi Avenue • Delta Drive North • Dominion Boulevard East • Dominion Boulevard West • Dorris Avenue • Druid Street • Dunedin Road East • Dunedin Road West • East Avenue • Eastlea Drive • Elks Drive • Elks Drive • Erie Road • Esmond Street • Fair Oaks Drive • Fairlawn Drive • Fairway Drive • Fallis Road • Findley Avenue • Fitz Henry Boulevard • Foster Street • Fredonia Avenue • Fuller Drive • Garden Road • Georgetown Drive • Glencoe Road • Glenmont Avenue • Glenridge Place • Graceland Boulevard • Henderson Road West • High Street North • Hollandale Drive • Hollenback Road • Indian Summer Drive • Indian Trail Road • Indianola Avenue • Jeffrey Place East • Jeffrey Place West • Kanawha Avenue East • Kanawha Avenue West • Kelso Road East • Kelso Road West • Kensington Place West • Kentworth Road West • Lakeview Avenue West • Lawnview Drive • Leland Avenue • Lenappe Drive • Lincoln Avenue East • Longview Avenue West • Lunar Drive • Meadowlark Lane • Milton Avenue • Montrose Way • Morningside Drive • Morse Road • Neil Avenue • North Broadway East • North Broadway West • Northmoor Place • Northridge Road • Nottingham Road • Olentangy Boulevard • Orchard Lane West • Overbrook Drive • Piedmont Road • Placemont Road West • Rathbone Avenue West • Richards Road • Riverside Drive • Rosslyn Avenue • Route 23 • Royal Forest Boulevard East • Royal Forest Boulevard West • Rush Avenue • Scenic Drive • Schreyer Place East • Schreyer Place West • Sellers Avenue • Sharon Avenue • Springs Drive • Stanton Avenue East • Sunnyside Lane • Sunset Drive • Tibet Road East • Torrence Road East • Tulane Road East • Tulane Road West • Village Drive • Walhalla Road • Weber Road East • Weber Road West • Webster Park Avenue • Weisheimer Road West • Westview Avenue • Westwood Road • Wetmore Road • Winthrop Road • Woodglen Road • Woodsfield Drive

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