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Map of Levittown Sections

Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Photo: Circa 1955 Cape on Vase Lane sold by Keller Williams. [source]

We “Know” Levittown. Over the past year across Levittown, Keller Williams clients sold 186 homes and purchased 198 homes, more than any other real estate brand.

Picture Window Paradise [1]

On Monday, June 23, 1952, John and Philomena Dougherty packed up their belongings, and with their two daughters in tow, drove from a government housing project in northeast Philadelphia to their new home in the suburbs. Their journey was not unusual. Between 1950 and 1960, twenty million Americans moved from cities to the suburbs. It was the largest internal migration in the country's history, outstripping many time over the legendary westward migration of the nineteenth century. What made the Doughertys' journey newsworthy – and, in retrospect, historic – was their objective: to be the first official residents in the new development of Levittown in Bucks County.

Historically Significant [2]

Levittown is a classic example of a historically significant post World War II surburban landscape. At the time of its creation, it represented a new approach to residential development, involving dependence on the automobile, affordable housing that could be quickly built to accommodate the booming post-war baby boom population, curving roads, shopping centers - not historic downtowns, and neighborhood recreational amenities like parks, pools and playgrounds. While many of the original homes of Levittown have been altered and expanded in the years since their construction in the 1940s and 1950s, the overall plan and layout of the community is still discernable.

The Original 40 “Sections” of Levittown

  1. Appletree
  2. Birch Valley
  3. Blue Ridge
  4. Cobalt Ridge
  5. Crabtree Hollow
  6. Deep Dale
  7. Dogwood Hollow
  8. Elderberry
  9. Farmbrook
  10. Forsythia Gate
  11. Goldenridge
  12. Greenbrook
  13. Highland Park
  14. Holly Hill
  15. Indian Creek
  16. Junewood
  17. Juniper Hill
  18. Kenwood
  19. Lakeside
  20. Lower Orchard
  21. Magnolia Hill
  22. Mill Creek Falls
  23. North Park
  24. Oaktree Hollow
  25. Orangewood
  26. Pinewood
  27. Plumbridge
  28. Quincy Hollow
  29. Red Cedar Hill
  30. Red Rose Gate
  31. Snowball Gate
  32. Stonybrook
  33. Thornridge
  34. Twin Oaks
  35. Upper Orchard
  36. Vermilion Hills
  37. Violetwood
  38. Whitewood
  39. Willow Wood
  40. Yellowood

Other Neighborhoods in the Levittown Zip Codes

Beginnings [2]

"The brainchild of developer William J. Levitt, Levittown, Pennsylvania was the largest planned community constructed by a single builder in the United States. By the time it was completed in 1958, the development occupied over 5500 acres in lower Bucks County and included churches, schools, swimming pools, shopping centers and 17,311 single-family homes.

"To its 70,000-plus residents, Levittown represented the American Dream of homeownership. To many others, Levittown epitomized postwar suburbia -- a place often criticized but widely copied."

Names of each section, and names of all the streets within, respectively, share the same first letter. (i.e., all street names in Highland Park begin with the letter 'H'). Parts of some sections (Lakeside, Stonybrook) are located in Tullytown Borough. Levittown is served by five separate Zip Codes: 19054, 19055, 19056, 19057 and the non-delivery 19058.

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